Re-stock and
refocus on
your business

Consumable Product and Safety Supplies handled the Re-stock way

Respect – We know you’re working hard. In the current economic climate you are putting all your energy into the essential parts of your business. You can count on Re-stock to put all our energy into keeping you supplied with essential basic supplies, industrial supplies, consumable supplies, safety supplies and PPE supplies.

Reward – Managing supplies like industrial paper and cleaning supplies, PPE supplies and basic supplies doesn’t build your business. So focus on what you do best and let us do what we do best – keeping you supplied with essentials at an economical best value.

Responsive – Our on-site supply management of essential products and inventory mean your people can focus on their essential job – building your business. Essential products are exactly that – essential. So with Re-stock, you can count on reduced wait times and a well-stocked inventory.

Rely – You know those things you can’t do without? We make sure you don’t. Re-stock is here to keep you supplied with basic supplies, Industrial supplies, consumable supplies, safety supplies and PPE supplies you need.


Basic supplies
Windshield Wash
Brake Cleaner
Brake Pads
Wheel Bearings

Safety supplies
Ice Melt
Safety Tags
Floor Dry
Industrial Supplies

PPE supplies
Safety Glasses
Safety Sun Glasses
Ear Muffs
Ear Plugs
Hard Hat
Bump Cap
Head Lamps
Winter Gloves
Summer Gloves
Rubber Gloves
N-Dex Gloves
Safety Supplies

Consumable supplies
Lysol Spray
SOS Pads
Toilet Cleaner
Green Works Cleaner
Window Cleaner
Disinfectant Spray
Wiping Rags
Black Garbage Bags
Clear Garbage Bags
Bathroom Tissue
Jumbo Bathroom Tissue
Brown Paper Wipes
White Paper Wipes
Paper Towels

Get Re-stock on site and relax